Painting by Alex Levin

Jewish beliefs – theology and philosophy

How do Jews think about beliefs? An overview of Jewish philosophy


How should we think of/visualize God?

Jewish understandings of God (there’s more than one)

Is God omnipotent?

Process theology in JudaismProcess theology – A God Worthy of Worship (dvar Torah)

Dialectical ways of understanding God’s nature

On Knowing God through philosophy – Neil Gillman

God and gender in Judaism

God, gender and translation issues

What does it mean to say that God has male or female characteristics?

Monotheism versus proselytizers

The Ten Commandments – You shall have no other gods vs neopaganism

Revelation and Torah

What makes Judaism Jewish? Our oral law

What really happened at Sinai?

The Tenacity of Unreasonable Beliefs in Modern Orthodox Jews


Maimonides’ view of miracles

Hasidic Jewish theology

Concepts of Hasidic thought

Chosenness (election)

Bigoted misuse of the Chosen people idea

Some are chosen, all are loved: Reflections on Jewish ideas of chosenness

Divine providence: How does God act in the world?

Maimonides on divine providence

Kabbalah and mysticism

Criticisms of Kabbalah

Messiah, messianic era, and the afterlife

Heaven, the soul, resurrection, etc. – Jewish views of the afterlife

Resurrection of the dead and Reincarnation

Belief in moshiach (the messiah)


Holocaust theology and The Face of God: Thoughts on the Holocaust


Ethics – Click here for the full menu

Philosophical rationalism

Maimonides on various aspects of Jewish philosophy

On Knowing God, by Rabbi Neil Gillman


Tefilah – Jewish prayer – Click here for full list of articles

The paradox of prayer


Spirituality in Judaism


Interfaith relations

Thoughts on Christian Passover seders

The role of non-Jews in the synagogue

Ground Rules for a Christian Jewish Dialogue

Christians and Jews: Praying Together with Integrity

Do Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God?


Non-Jews in Jewish law today

Religion in public schools

Boundaries of Jewish thought/rejecting proselytizing

Astrology – Jewish views

(Non-Jewish) groups that claim to be Jewish

The Ten Commandments – You shall have no other gods vs neopaganism

Idolatry: The boundaries of Judaism

Principles of Jewish Faith FAQ

Recognizing and rejecting postmodernist theology

Why are Jews against pagan or Christian proselytizing?

Zohardoxy and Christological statements in the Zohar

Judaism and science

Evolution, Jewish views

Parallels, imagined and real – Jewish mysticism and modern physics

Reincarnation and pseudoscience

Medical ethics

A Methodology for Jewish Medical Ethics

Opioids, pain control and suicide

Jewish views on suicide, assisted suicide, and euthanasia

Jewish view – no religious exemptions for state-mandated immunizations

Paying for medical care

Having children and birth control

Reform Jewish Bioethics

Jewish theologians

Theology of Irving Yitzchak Greenberg

Abraham Joshua Heschel


David Weiss Halivni

Religion – basic ideas in theology

Axis of possible religious belief

Scriptures of major world religions


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