Do Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

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Do Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Most people say yes, but others say no. How would we even know?

Carson T. Clark writes “I’m distrustful of simplistic answers and am inclined to reply, “No, but they’re theological, historical, cultural, geographical, and ethnic cousins in their origins…” –  Are Islam’s Allah and Christianity’s God the Same Deity?

Stephen Prothero, professor of religion at Boston University, has written “God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run The World”  He writes:

“For more than a generation we have followed scholars and sages down the rabbit hole into a fantasy world where all gods are one … In fact this naive theological groupthink – call it Godthink – has made the world more dangerous by blinding us to the clash of religions that threaten us worldwide.”

The subject is explored in this set of thoughtful essays, The Same God?

Given that, from a theological perspective, God is central to human flourishing, what difference does the fact of religious diversity make to such a perspective? Do even the three Abrahamic religions worship the same God?
Do we worship the same God? Yale Center for Faith and Culture


Do We Worship the Same God? Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Dialogue
Miroslav Volf, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-8028-6689-9

Do We Worship the Same God? Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Dialogue: Miroslav Volf

Do We Worship the Same God Miroslav Volf

Book from Emory University

That troubling and enduring question is the title of a new book co-authored by Emory Islam scholar Vincent Cornell. For Cornell and co-authors Bruce Chilton and Jacob Neusner of Bard College and Baruch Levine at New York University, the answer is: It’s complicated. And that, says renowned theologian Martin Marty in the book’s epilogue, is a good thing.

Published by this month by Abingdon Press, “Do Jews, Christians & Muslims Worship the Same God?” is intended to appeal to a broad audience, but is aimed particularly at United Methodist ministers and other Christian denominational and lay leaders, to help them understand some of the theological differences among the three Abrahamic faiths. –

Do Jews, Christians, and Muslims Worship the Same God?: Neusner, Levine, Chilton, Cornell


  1. Daniel Edelstein writes: When Jews worship Jesus, hell no. Muslims worshipping Allah, yes. But it is a historically revisioned version of God, so it is like acknowledging Ronald Reagan as a great president but calling him a Democrat.


  2. Do Jews worship the same G-d? Do I worship the same G-d as my esteemed friends in my own Synagogue? Do we not define G-d’s characteristics in our own minds, based on our own inclinations and orientations. We all have different expectations of the degree to which G-d participates and directs our lives. In a sense, each person prays to and communicates with his own version of G-d and in that way each of us has his/her own G-d. Nevertheless, G-d is who G-d is. And G-d participates in our lives the way that G-d chooses to. Whether we are aware of what G-d does or not, that G-d is the same G-d. Are any of us really aware of what G-d really does, how G-d participates in our lives. G-d is not a silent partner, but instead G-d in our lives is more like the thousands of fans at a rock concert, but we only really hear the voice of our trusted friend, sitting next to us, when he is screaming, facing us, directing his words to us and only when we are facing him and carefully listening to him – and even then we barely hear him.

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