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צניעות, tzniut, modesty. What were you taught?

GOOD FOR HER!  Women are more than the sum of the body parts that they are willing to display for profit. Bekah Pence is a woman I would be happy for my daughter to read about, or see on TV.

In Judaism we have teachings about  צניעות, tzniut, modesty.  Sadly, most of our community no longer studies or observes such laws and custom – modern Jews generally leave their implementation to the Haredim (ultra-Orthodox), which have become more and more misogynistic, or we follow the secular trends of trying to make women appear mostly nude, and conform to biologically unrealistic, photoshopped, norms.

How do rabbis in your community teach צניעות , if at all?
What books do they suggest you read?
How do you teach צניעות to your sons and daughters?

Sticking to her personal modesty standards is not something new for Bekah Pence. Earlier this year, the 29-year-old returned missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints searched tirelessly for appropriate formal wear as she competed for and eventually won the title of Ms. Virginia United States.

While preparing for her next pageant, the Ms. United States competition, Pence learned of three mandatory outfits that she did not feel comfortable wearing. Determined to compete only if the outfits could be altered, Pence once again found a way to uphold her standards. Throughout the pageant, she learned that her determination impacted many and even gave another contestant the courage to compete.

“I think something that was reiterated or came through more strongly this time around is just not being afraid to keep your standards because you never know how it will affect someone,” Pence said. “Sometimes (LDS Church) members just don’t realize that personally deciding to keep the commandments, it literally directly impacts others.”

Pence learned of the mandatory outfits just weeks before the national competition for women ages 26 to 39 in Washington, D.C., on July 3.
Modesty in a Ms United States competition