Jewish women commentators on Torah and Tanakh


This resource is about religious Jewish women commentators of the Torah and Tanakh. It focuses on those with published works. Under each person’s name is a brief list of works; the works listed are not intended to be exhaustive.

Yairah Amit

The book of Judges: The Art of Editing, 1992

History and Ideology: An Introduction to Historiography in the Hebrew Bible (1999)
Hidden Polemics in Biblical Narrative (2000)

Reading Biblical Narratives: Literary Criticism and the Hebrew Bible (2001).

Judith S. Antonelli

In the Image of God: A Feminist Commentary on the Torah, Jason Aronson, 1997

Adele Berlin

Zephaniah, Anchor Bible Series, Vol. 25A

The JPS Bible Commentary: Esther

Lamentations: A Commentary, Westminster John Knox Press

Erica Brown

Esther: Power, Fate and Fragility in Exile, Maggid/Koren

Jonah: The Reluctant Prophet, Maggid/Koren

Leadership in the Wilderness: Authority and Anarchy in the Book of Numbers

Yedida Eisenstat

An Apology for the Law: Rashi’s Torah Commentary in Context (In development)

Medieval Rabbinic Exegesis,” in Literature and the Bible, ed. Stephen Prickett and Ian Levy, New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2022 (in press).

“Ezekiel in the Jewish Tradition,” in The Oxford Handbook of Ezekiel, ed. Corrine Carvalho, New York: Oxford University Press, 2022

Ora Wiskind Elper

Torah of the Mothers: Contemporary Jewish Women Read Classical Jewish Texts

Hasidic Commentary on the Torah (Littman Library of Jewish Civilization)

Tradition and Fantasy in the Tales of Reb Nahman of Bratslav (SUNY Series in Judaica)

Wisdom of the Heart: The Teachings of Rabbi Ya’akov of Izbica-Radzyn

Tamara Cohn Eskenazi

In an Age of Prose: A Literary Approach to Ezra-Nehemiah (Scholars Press, 1988)

Writing a commentary on Ezra-Nehemiah for the Anchor Bible

Ruth: the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation, JPS

Tikva Frymer-Kensky

Reading the Women of the Bible: A New Interpretation of Their Stories, Schocken

Studies in Bible and Feminist Criticism, JPS

Ruth: the traditional Hebrew text with the new JPS translation, JPS

Miriyam Glazer

Psalms of the Jewish Liturgy, Aviv Press

Elyse Goldstein

ReVisions: Seeing Torah through a Feminist Lens (1998)

The Women’s Torah Commentary (2000)

The Women’s Haftarah Commentary (2003)

Judith Hauptman

She was the first woman to receive a PhD in Talmud and became professor of Talmud and Rabbinic Culture at JTS.

Rereading the Mishnah: A New Approach to Ancient Jewish Texts

Sara Japhet

The Ideology of the Book of Chronicles and Its Place in Biblical Thought (Hebrew 1977; English translation 1989)

I and II Chronicles: A Commentary, Westminster John Knox Press, 1993

From the Rivers of Babylon to the Highlands of Judah: Collected Studies on the Restoration Period (2006)

Tamar S. Kamionkowski

Leviticus: Wisdom Commentary, Liturgical Press

Gender Reversal and Cosmic Chaos: A Study in the Book of Ezekiel, Sheffield Academic Press/Bloomsbury

Judy Klitsner

Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other,

Nechama Leibowitz

New Studies in the Weekly Parasha, 7 volume set, English and Hebrew Edition, Ktav

Gail Twersky Reimer

Reading Ruth: Women Reclaim a Sacred Story

Beginning Anew: A Woman’s Companion to the High Holy Days.

Avigail (Poupko) Rock

Parshanei HaMikra – “explores the methodologies of the great commentators of the Bible throughout the generations – from Targum Onkelos, through medieval commentators, such as Rashi, Ibn Ezra, and Ramban, to commentators of recent generations, such as Malbim, the Netziv, and others. ” Koren Publishers, Hebrew

Articles online at Yeshivat Har Etzion

Diane Sharon

Patterns of Destiny: Narrative Structures of Foundation and Doom in the Hebrew Bible, (Winona Lake, Ind.: Eisenbrauns), 2002

JPS Commentary on Judges. (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society) forthcoming.

Devora Steinmetz

From Father to Son: Kinship, Conflict, and Continuity in Genesis, Westminster John Knox Press

Questioning God’s Mercy, article in Sh’ma Journal, September 3, 2012

“Jonah, Son of Truth,” in Beginning Anew, Ed. Gail Twersky Reimer and Judith A. Kates (Touchstone/Simon and Schuster, 1997)

Yael Ziegler

Ruth: From Alienation to Monarchy, Maggid/Koren

Lamentations: Faith in a Turbulent World, Maggid/Koren

Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg

Bewilderments: Reflections on the Book of Numbers (2015)

The Murmuring Deep: Reflections on the Biblical Unconscious (2009, 2011)

Genesis: The Beginning of Desire (1995)

Compilations and Anthologies

Reading Ruth: Contemporary Women Reclaim a Sacred Story, Ed. Judith A. Kates and Gail Twersky Reimer, Ballantine Books

The Torah: A Women’s Commentary, Ed. Tamara Eskenazi and Andrea Weiss, URJ Press and Women of Reform Judaism, CCAR Press.

The Women’s Torah Commentary: New Insights from Women Rabbis on the 54 Weekly Torah Portions, Ed. Rabbi Elyse Goldstein, Jewish Lights

Divrei Torah from Maharat

“The Five Books of Moses: Contemporary Issues and Classic Perspectives” – Examines each of the 54 Parshiot from a feminist perspective with worksheets in English and Spanish by Dr. Bonna Devora Haberman z”l.


Dirshuni: Contemporary Women’s Midrash, Edited by Tamar Biala. The English edition of a historic collection of midrashim composed by Israeli women.


Traditional Jewish women’s prayer books – Collections of tkhines / teḥinot (Yiddish: תְּחִנּוֹת) Yiddish prayers and devotions written by women, for women.


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