Are you really against antisemitism?

As the German proverb goes: if there is a Nazi at a table and 10 other people are sitting there and talking with them, then what you have is a table with 11 Nazis.

Do you really understand what this means? If your political party or social group has Nazi-like antisemites, and you do not openly fight against them, then you yourself are one of the antisemites. There is never any “in between.”

If you only fight against antisemitism when it comes to the “other” side, but not from “your”, then you are guilty of using antisemitism as a weapon.



Sharing from Rabbi Jason Hermon

A word on right wing vs left wing antisemitism. Right-wing and left-wing antisemitism are not the same. Let’s set some of the record straight.

Right wing antisemitism —

1) Statistically in recent years in the US is far deadlier than left wing antisemitism. Fact far more people have died at the hands of right wing antisemites than left wing including this week in Pittsburgh.

2) Right wing antisemitism is tied into white nationalist groups that espouse a hatred not only for Jews but for other minorities who are far more vulnerable than we are

3) In the last 2 years, these right wing groups have become far more visible as they feel far more emboldened.

4) The emboldening of right wing antisemitism is a result of whether directly or indirectly (don’t want that debate now) due to comments and actions of the President of the United States, the highest office in the land.

Left wing antisemitism

1) Left wing antisemitism reflects a set of views that are shared by a far larger number of people (despite being more vocal and visible right wing antisemitism is still fringe)

2) Left wing antisemitism appears in places where Jews are more likely and more often likely to encounter it (like college campuses)

3) Left wing antisemitism tends to also arise more in communities where more Jews live

4) Left wing antisemitism occurs in spaces that left wing Jews are still willing to participate in despite its appearance there (think BLM and Women’s March; right wing Jews aren’t members of groups led by right wing antisemites in the same way left wing Jews join these groups)

5) Political ties to left wing antisemites like Farrakhan seem to be overlooked more than ties to people like David Duke and Richard Spencer (ties to right wing politicians who sit at arms length from then are tolerated)

Which is worse? Well, left wing people will point to the reasons above to argue that right wing antisemitism is worse. Right wing Jews will point to the reasons above to argue left wing antisemitism is worse.

Do we pick deadly but fringe, or frequent but less harmful? Honestly, I don’t care. The argument doesn’t help any of us. It does not serve to stop and reduce antisemitism. it only serves to further divisions in the Jewish community and try and tie “those Jews” whose politics we abhor to the disgusting views of our enemies. Some of the divisive vitriol on social media the past few days was heartbreaking. PLEASE – let’s unite against all antisemitism and stop with a stupid fight about which is worse.

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