On Jews and Whiteness.

I read what started out as an interesting article from “Coffeeshop Rabbi” about the new movie, BlackKKKlansman, which happens to be a favorite movie of mine.  The author, a Reform liberal rabbi, starts off strong – but then out of the blue talks about Nazis, and calls out the Jewish people as being the bad guys of today.

She writes “If we don’t want to be the bad guys (which is what I hear when I hear a light skinned person insisting that they aren’t really white) then why do we keep acting like the bad guys?”

Whoah. That’s not true, and I am astonished at the antisemitic venom with which her diatribe here is written. She speaks about Nazis, yet then publicly blame Jews – and claims that Jews act like the bad guys – the Nazis!

This Reform rabbi has succumbed to Leftist antisemitism.  Her words are tantamount to hatespeech, blaming the victims of 2000 years of genocidal oppression for not meeting her standards of leftist justice. I am astonished and disappointed. People who do this need to engage in soul searching.

The writers of BlacKkKlansman have articulated THE question for American Jews at this moment.

via On Jews and Whiteness — Coffee Shop Rabbi

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  1. I just wanted to stop by and offer you my support; I also read and was bothered by the article on Coffee Shop Rabbi, and had replied to it and to one of your comments in support of what you had said, and in an attempt to point out how her statement was an example of what I see as a fatal failing in the current incarnation of left-wing politics in the US: the taunting of not-quite-white Americans to identify with people of color and then the contempt shown to us when we do.

    As someone who has been a not-quite-white American liberal all my life and has recently begun the long path of aspiring to Judaism, it’s heartbreaking to me to see the left wing shoot itself in the foot over this repeatedly. There are a lot of ways in which the stereotypical progressive west-coast left wing bears a great deal of responsibility for how its taunt-then-demonize behavior strengthens the right wing in this country, to the detriment of the country and greatly endangering ALL Jews (and all women and people of color as well). Some not-quite-white Americans can kid ourselves that we can find a home on the right after the left has rejected us in this way, but Jews have no such delusion and are left entirely politically homeless and without support from any side. When this happens, Jews die.

    I should also apologize for doing what I am complaining about as well: I came here expecting to learn that you were a small-c political conservative as well, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that this site represented an egalitarian Judaism. I’m afraid that I’m used to seeing stern criticism of the political left wing only from the political right, and I expected to come here and see that you represented a version of Judaism that used halachic law as an excuse to exclude women. I was wrong to make that assumption, and I assure you I will read the articles here with close attention.

    Anyhow, I wanted to express my support for your comment in addition to exasperation with this topic in general, and say that I wish I could buy you coffee and talk in more depth with you about this.

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