On Zionism and post-nationalism

On Twitter, @ZacharySchaffer writes about post-nationalism. Sept 5, 2018

Indigenous Israeli Zionism Zionist
Image from Chloe Valdary’s Twitter page

The growing rejection of the idea of nation states is something I disagree with, but in theory it is certainly defensible. I only ask many of those who hold it why Israel is the first state they always seek to dismantle? Why is Israel’s existence as a Jewish State incorrigible, while a state of Palestine for Palestinians is something for which you advocate?

Why do you not cast your consternation on the dozens of other ethnic states which also offer expedited citizenship to their diasporas? You may reject such “preferential treatment” or affirmative action, but why do you only reject it for Israel? What about Armenia? What about Greece and Hungary? Romania and Russia? Estonia and Serbia? The Kurds?

Go ahead and work for a world without nation states, pursue a post-nationalist world order, reject the particularism of ethnic (or any) nationalism. Personally, I’m uncomfortable imposing a Western framework of pure civic (or post) nationalism on non-Western people, but go for it. But why must you start with the Jews – with dismantling Israel? Why do you seek to create a new state for one people in its place? Haven’t we suffered enough to deserve just a bit of affirmative action? Can’t we be the 10th or 20th on the list of states you seek to disintegrate?


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