Sukkot outreach at restaurants and pubs

Sukkot (סֻכּוֹת) is one of the three Biblical pilgrimage festivals/Shalosh Regalim (שלוש רגלים.) It is up there with Passover and Rosh HaShanah in terms of this it being a Torah mitzvah to observe. Yet most American Jewish people are not observant or often even knowledgeable about it. We thus need innovative ideas to increase awareness and observance.

Sukkah in New Hampshire

As a pilgrimmage & harvest festival, this holiday has food connections. One of the observances is to say kiddush/קידוש over wine in the sukkah: this offers further drink connections.

So perhaps a Sukkot event could be held at a restaurant on a main street, especially one with outdoor seating. One could set up an event there, using poles and s’chach (סכך) to create a Sukkah-like area. In fact, with the restaurant’s Ok one could easily create a kosher sukkah – even if it only exists for the duration of a one-day event.

This should be easy to set up, affordable. With the right people getting the word out on local social media and in local newspapers, we’d have a publicly visible area that draws positive attention and increases awareness. Hey, Why should Halloween and Xmas get all the holiday decorations? We have beauty in our own tradition! What do you think?

– Robert


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