Ethical kashrut

Launched by Uri L’Tzedek, the Tav HaYosher is an initiative to bring workers, restaurant owners and community members together to create just workplaces in kosher restaurants.
The Shamayim V’Aretz Institute is a Jewish animal welfare organization that educates leaders, trains advocates, and leads campaigns for the ethical treatment of animals.
Article – “A call for transparency in the kashrut industry.” The Jewish community must grapple with the fact that the vast majority of kosher animal products are produced within the cruel factory farm industry.
The Magen Tzedek Commission has developed a food certification program that combines the rabbinic tradition of Torah with Jewish values of social justice, assuring consumers and retailers that kosher food products have been produced in keeping with exemplary Jewish ethics in the area of labor concerns, animal welfare, environmental impact, consumer issues and corporate integrity. From Conservative Judaism’s Rabbinical Assembly.
What Is Next for Kosher Living? Modern Orthodox group takes up one aspect of eco-Kashrut.

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