Creating Jewish unity

Attempts to solve the “Who is a Jew?” issue

Despite differences between Haredi Judaism (on the theological right) and Reform Judaism (on the theological left), on many occasions rabbis worked to end the rift between denominations. They came very close to healing the divisions, in accord with halakhah.

Sadly, each attempt so far has failed, due to unilateral actions from groups who deliberately prevented more cooperation. Nonetheless, we hope that if more Jews know about these hopeful enterprises, it will inspire people in today’s generation to renew efforts to restore Jewish unity: Click here – Creating Jewish unity

Kol Aleph Jewish Library - Copy


One comment

  1. The eternal question of Who is a Jew was answered by Adolf Hitler yimach shihmo. If the transport comes rolling down the block and someone is told to get on, that is the proof he / she is Jewish, but then, it makes no difference because it will be too late.


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