Modern Orthodox Judaism joining Conservative Judaism through ordaining women Rabbi

I’ve read a great many articles describing in detail how Conservative Judaism evolved to enhance the status of women within Jewish law. From the 1960s to the 1990s this was a big issue. During all that time many modern Orthodox rabbis and lay people read the same articles written by Conservative Jewish rabbis, and it’s absolutely influenced women in the modern Orthodox Jewish community.

A generation later MO Rabbis are now practically quoting Conservative Jewish legal positions, which is awesome, but it does kind of concerns me that they are being disingenuous about their sources, it’s a little bit like plagiarism. The Secretary of the Committee for Jewish Law and Standards, CJLS, from the conservative movement, had been sending out upon request copies of their papers for years to Orthodox rabbis. Then their books were published for the mass audience.

Now we have hundreds of Orthodox Jews, and dozens of male Orthodox rabbis, now ordaining women Orthodox rabbis in exactly the same way , and for exactly the same reasons, yet not citing your sources. Lol. Welcome to Conservative Judaism anyways 🙂

Women study Talmud Midreshet Linenbaum

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