The little known haKotel haKatan – Small Western Wall

Although for religious, social and political reasons, this is no substitute for allowing all Jews to daven at the larger, more recognized area of the Kotel (Western Wall), it is important to note that there is a small, little known, part of the Kotel not controlled by the Haredim (ultra-Orthodox)


There is a section of the Temple’s retaining wall far closer to the sacred Holy of Holies than the traditional site of prayer, and it’s open to all

Nothing remains of the Glory That Was Jerusalem during the Second Temple era but a wall on the western side of the Temple Mount. … It is the only remnant of the Temple that Jews can touch, pray to and weep upon. As such, it is Judaism’s most hallowed site.

But there is a section of the Western Wall far closer to the Holy of Holies on the Temple Mount than the traditional site of prayer and perhaps that much more sacred. It is called the “Small Wailing Wall” (haKotel haKatan) and is open to all. There is even room there for notes to God, while at the traditional site every nook and cranny is crammed full with tiny scraps of paper.

This important site is found off HaGuy Street inside the Old City walls, a byway replete with bustling markets and historic buildings. …

The little Kotel (Western Wall) in Jerusalem

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